Watercolor Dreams Part I

I found a very cheap set of watercolors for kids. The bright colors jumped right into my eyes and I wanted to test them.

First of all I filled the paper sheets with the different colors and without any rules. While using lots of water all colors melt together until the paper hadn’t any blank parts anymore.


After drying I now tried to see something in the diffrent colors like seeing sheeps in the shapes of clowds in the blue sky. Of course I have seen a lot of flowers. I grabbed the white marker and edged them roughly.


In the next step I added more colors to the picture, especially the edged flowers. So they popped out a bit and the white marker got more „markeable“ (as its name says). And don’t stick the brush into your coffee as I accidently did!


Now my dearest tool called into action. The black pen. All the little items got a black shape while the pic gets more tangible.


At last I added more color for a little more 3D feeling.


Done for now.

In the next week I will continue adding more details to the sketch. Stay tuned….

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