2015 A Review 3/3

The third four months (September-December)

A new life stared its way into our world and finally our little son Lasse was born on first of September. Now our life got a new dimension with mountains of diapers, short nights, lots of consolation but way more laughing and snuggling. It is exhausting but so much fun.
This year’s inktober, an event I was looking forward to, was unworkable for me. I only did one single ink drawing. Instead my 15 week old son made his first drawing (with a little help – I hold the paper and chosen the pens and watercolors).
Though Lasse is only a few months old Christmas became as important for me as it did when I was recently a child.

Now a new year starts and I can’t wait to see this little being to grow up and discover the world. I am sure, 2016 will be a great year…









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