2015 A Review 1/3

The first four months (January-April)

At the end of 2014 I made a few but important New Year’s resolutions. One was the beginning of my self-employment as a webdesigner and webprogrammer. Months before the beginning year 2015 I planned and organised all details to be able start on the very first day of 2015.
But the the „New Year“ 2015 had also an unexpected suprise: a positive pregancy test. We planned a little family, so it isn’t out of nowhere, but we didn’t guessd that it will be that fast and of course this pregnancy changed our life.
I still started my self-employment, but we also had to look for a new place to live, our little apartment was way too small for a little family.
Luckily we found the perfect new home for all our needs. Around 80 moving boxes had to be filled, dozens of new furnitures had to put together. The old apartment needed a renovation, the new one a new flooring. In the end of April we began to move.

And the cats were not amused.







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