DIY: Pin Cushion for sewing machine

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As a first project with my new/old sewing machine I decided to sew a pin cushion. There was already a stripe of velcro tape fixed on the machine to keep some needles but it was old and broken. And ugly! (And I was too lazy the peel the rest of the gum off the varnish.)


One reason why I wanted this machine back is, that you can remove the feed dog for drawing with the sewing machine. I never tried this before but this is another awesome way to be creative. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube and I really should see these videos because it is not that easy as it looks like. As you can see in my first try, I need a lot of practice. But it was fun and adequate for my little cushion.

So, what did I need? A remnant, a little piece of velcro tape, absorbent cotton and double-faced adhesive tape.


As first step I sewed a little drawing onto the fabric. I made this before I cut the fabric into little pieces, because it is easier with a bigger piece of fabric to move the fabric under the needle while drawing.


I cut two equal squares out of the fabric. The first one with the embroidery in the middle. Then I sew the velcro trip with the loops on the second one.



Now I sewed the two pieces right side on right side together, only let one edge open to turn around the fabric and fill it tight with the cotton.


As the next step I flipped over the edges, sewed them together and also sewed around the three other sides in the same distance.


Then I taped the strip with the hooks on the machine with the double-faced adhesive tape.


I pushed the cushion onto the velcro tape and pinned some needles on it.



Now I always have some pins right to hand and have place to pin them them when I sew, nothing will be lost by carelessly falling on the ground. And I can push on/pull off the cushion at any time. Plus the sewing machine got personality with some nice color.


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