DIY – Paper Garland

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Garland DIY

My branch above the dining table need a makeover. Maybe you remember my entry from december?


I used the branch as decoration for christmas. And also with eggs for eastern or hang paper streamer for birthday parties, unfortunally I didn’T take any pics of that. But now I need something in between all those seasons. And what is easier and more decorative than garlands in happy colors?

What do we need?

  • Paper in different colors or patterns
  • scissor
  • glue & a brush
  • thin straps


We start with the paper. You can use uni colored or with pattern paper. I prefer the pattern. Now we cut the paper in stripes. Cut the stripes in same length. Mine are 3x10cm. Than fold the stripes in the middle and unfold them again. Grab your glue and spread it on one half of the stripe. Btw. I used Mod Podge as glue but you can use any other glue that you are able to spread on your paper stripes.


Now  take one of your straps and wrap the stripe around it, exacly at the folded line. I drew two little lines on a sheet of paper to mark the distance I want to have between every flag. In this case 3cm like the width of the flag. As long as the glue is still wet you can move the paper between your fingers a little bit until they fit border to border and no more white backside is seen. Now glue and wrap and glue and wrap and glue and wrap as long as you want your garland to be.

I had a little help by my side 😉 When the glue is dry there is one last step. Cut triangles from corner to corner or turn the into big triangles. I made them in two different looks.

We’re done! Now find a nice place to hang them up and enjoy your work, ther are so many options to use them . For example as a gift wrapper.




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