DIY: Flower Branch

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I love having spring at home, flowers and blossom branches. But my cats cannot leave my home to be outside in nature, so they inspect and eat everything that comes from there, especially flowers. So, because I am not a fan of plastic plants I decided to make my own flower branches. Also nice to get some color at home in winter.

If you want to do the same, here are the steps:
First of all you need some branches from outside. I took some of the old ones which still lay under the trees fallen down in the autumn storms. They are dry and of light weight. Shower the mud off and after they are dry again, paint them with white color.




For the next step you need thin colored paper. I used transparent paper in yellow, pink, blue for the flower and green for the leaves wrapped around them. Cut leafs from the green paper and circles from the other colors. Cut the circles into half, if you want two-colored flowers. Otherwise fold them. We also need some straps of the yellow paper.




Now we need two half-circles in different colors. One strap and one leaf. Crumple the the half-circles and and also the strap to give the flowers more volume.



Wrap the first color around the strap, followed by the second and the leaf in the end. Crumple the end tight. If they don’t hold their position you can use some glue. Drape the paper it bit.



To get the flowers on the branch, wrap some masking tape around and paint the tape white. You can use any other tape that keeps the white paint on its surface.




That’s all, you’re done.
Happy crafting.

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