Dishtowel Apron

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In the need of an apron for painting, I thought I can sew one by myself very quick.

All you need for this apron are two old dishtowels, two or three buttons and a piece of textile elastic.


Cut the towels like in the drawing below.



As next step you sew the two halfs of both towels on the cutted side together. As result you have a new towel made of two different halfs.

Then the stripes need to sew together on their short sides. Twist them around your hip to see how many of these strips you need.


Now you have a long stripe that will be the waistband. Pin the band with needles as on the pic below. If you use an iron for the crease it will be easier to sew but watch your fingers. Fill the upper side of the apron in between the waistband. The apron directly starts with the band, so you have a long strap on the other side.



Sew everything together but leave the ends open. We need them for the next step.

Slip the elastic into the long end of the waistband as on the pic and sew it tight.


Grab a remnant and cut the border close to the seam. So we don’t have to sew a tiny band. We need this band as a loop for the other side of the border. It will be used to hold the waistband at place.



If you have some remnant use them for pockets.


You are almost done. Twist the apron around your wrist again and mark the position of the buttons. Sew the buttons to the waistband.


Your apron is ready for use.


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